Our Home to Stay In

West End 20mls ... Stratford 12.

Our Home is Also Our House

Prowting Homes (now subsumed into Westbury) operated for 80 years at the high end of the middle-class market, as was pointed out to us when we arrived in 2002! Our neighbours were very proud of their homes and believed them to be 'the best built properties in Brandon Groves'.

Since Brandon Groves includes some of the best houses in South Ockendon, it seemed we had bought ourselves a spectacularly good house. Time is always an impartial judge. Time decrees that we agree with our neighbours. This is a fine place to live. We love it and will be reluctant to move on when or if such a die is cast.

The house is beautifully warm in Winter, comfortably cool in Summer (even with inside temperatures soaring to 30+ day after day in 2003, 2006, 2018 et al!). It is a quiet house even though we live in a quiet part of the village anyway. Due to massive insulation and effective double-glazing, almost no sound gets in and you can hear a clock ticking in another room. Most days the garden is ever so quiet. Wind noise is never a problem.

Some days we can hear a low hum from the M25 which is after all, less than two miles away on the other side of the railway and the other side of the village.The A13 passes within a mile of our house to the south but like the M25 to the west it passes in a cut. Sometimes on warm Summer evenings we hear the sound of racing cars at Arena Essex some two miles to the South. Sundays if  skies are clear can be interesting as small aircraft, autogyros and [police] helicopters add to to the overall overhead ruction, but hey aviation served me well and provided my sufficient pension.


N51.31.01  x E00.18.13.50 is a ballpark reading for the middle of the back garden at our place on Google earth.